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The clinic will be CLOSED from December 4th to 13th inclusively.

The clinic will be CLOSED december 24th and 25th and january 1st and 2nd. For December 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th and 30th, 2020, general medical consultations by phone and video only.

In regards with the CORONAVIRUS crisis, and according to Gouvernement du Québec, Dr. Jean Dion offers now medical consultations by phone or online by using KinLogix.

These virtual consultations will be available from Monday till Thursday from 9 AM until 5 PM. You must ask for an appointment first, by phone or email EXCLUSIVELY (listed below). Please note we won’t allow any on-the-spot appointment.

Note that Dr. Jean Dion should continue the tele-medicine service after the end of this sanitary crisis.

In case of an emergency in Musculoskeletal Medicine, or if a virtual consultation is not sufficient, a face to face consultation with Dr. Jean Dion will be possible with all the health care precautions required. Please ask for an appointment by phone or email (listed bellow). We remind you that we won’t allow any on-the-spot appointment.

Kindly understand that we won’t accept face to face consultation in case of any influenza-like symptoms.

Sanitary measures for face to face consultation:
• The day of your appointment, when arriving at the parking, please call us. We’ll call you back as soon as your physician is available.
• Please note that the patient will be alone during the consultation. We’ll only accept somebody else if the consultation concerns a minor or a person in need of assistance.
• Wearing a mask and hand washing are mandatory.

To get an appointment, kindly apply:
by EMAIL at helenegodbout@cgocable.ca
by PHONE at 819-717-1412 (dial 3 for Dr. Jean Dion, then dial 1 for voice mail)

Be sure that we’ll contact you as soon as possible to organize a tele-consultation. Thanks for your comprehension, take care of yourself and your family…

Located in the Mont-Tremblant area of the Laurentians, the " Doctor Jean Dion Medical Clinic " is a private clinic open to everyone, with no membership or pre-registration requirements.

We offer a wide array of accessible medical services, as well as an appointment based mini-emergency service.

Our philosophy in providing high quality medical care is based on regular physical exams with personalized follow-up services for our patients.

Prevention is also at the heart of our mission. We offer nutritional counseling as well as prescribe exercises to help our patients adopt good habits and a healthy lifestyle.